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Lavizzari Law Firm consists of a team of Labor Law Attorneys.

The Firm boasts a ten-year experience in judicial and non-judicial matters (and even before Higher Courts) related to Labor Law, Trade Union Law and Social Law (including supplementary social security) focusing on all the main production sectors.  The Firm assists leading national and multinational companies.

Type of legal assistance for all disputes concerning the management of employment relationship:

  • Individual and collective redundancies
  • Claims for higher qualifications
  • Claims for damages due to bullying and demotion
  • Social security disputes

Out-of-court assistance and advice in the field of labor law involve:

  •  HR consultancy and drafting of every necessary document for personnel management
    (for instance: letters of complaint or dismissal, appeals, interpretation of legal norms and contractual clauses, transfers of seat, changes in duties, fringe benefits, awards, “superminimis”, etc.)
  • Support in the management of complementary pension funds
  • Supporto nella stipulazione di contratti individuali e collettivi
    (assunzioni; contratti a termine; contratti di lavoro autonomo; contratti aziendali; etc.)
  • Support in the stipulation of individual and collective contracts
    (recruitments, forward contracts, self-employed contractor contracts, company contracts, etc.)
  • Writing memorandums and opinions
  • Trade Union procedures and obligations in accordance to Law 223/1991:
    (normal and overtime CIG (lay-off fund) access, collective redundancies and mobilization)
  • Trade union procedures and requirements for company transfers and harmonization agreements
  • Corporate welfare
  • Assistance to public entities and companies participating in the management of employment relationship
  • Social security and insurance litigation
    (preparation of administrative appeals and assistance both before and after, appeals of administrative sanctions and assistance in the related litigation)
  • Executive and manager dismissal
  • Agency relationship
    (report pathology, termination, responsibility for the agent’s unlawful act, portfolio liberalization agreement, brokerage relationships)
  • Procurement contracts (drafting of procurement service contracts, joint and several liability in accordance to Article 29 of Legislative Decree No. 276/03)



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