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Labor Law Attorney Alessandro Tonelli graduated from the University of Milan in 2004 in Roman Law.

Lawyer since 2009, and and barrister at the Supreme Court since 2021, he started his professional career in this Firm. He deals with Labor Law and in particular assists, both judicially and non-judicially, executives and large-scale retail, business and tourism companies.

Attorney Tonelli maintains constant contact with the HR departments of the companies to which he provides support in the management of daily problems.

A.G.I. Partner
AIDP Member (Italian Personnel Management Association)

PERSONAL MOTTO: “Not who starts, but who perseveres”.


He has assisted several managers and executives with personnel and restructuring management, supporting and advising the client in every step of the way, and highlighting all the possible risks and advantages in order to lead the client to the most informed and appropriate choice

Labor Law Attorney Tonelli also handles the Credit & Debt Collection business for the Firm with the utmost attention to detail, directly following the executive security and foreclosure procedures both for movable properties and real estates

Member of the Labor Law Commission of the A.G.A.M. (Young Milanese Laywers Association), he has participated in various labour law conferences, even as a speaker.

Languages: English



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