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The greatest strength of the Lavizzari Law Firm consists in its extensive competence in the field of Labor Law. The lawyers of the Firm also deal with matters related to Civil Law, such as: Contracts, Family Law, Company Law, Lease Agreements, Credit and Debt Collection.

Lavizzari Law Firm was one of the first to deal with issues related to the impact that social networks have in the workplace. The in-depth study of this subject, in parallel to a careful analysis on privacy issues, has allowed the Firm to successfully assist its clients with vast knowledge about the case, and to obtain sentences that have received remarkable feedback from a media stand point.

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Lavizzari Law Firm is particularly active in agency relationship, where its lawyers have had the privilege of assisting two leading insurance companies in disputes arisen among agents.

In 2013, the Firm obtained an important ruling, highlighted and commented on in the magazines of the sector, on the subject of abuse of rights (No. 10568 of 07.05.2013)

In April 2017, the Firm gained two other interesting sentences rendered by the Court of Lucca, where the Company defended by this Firm, ex art. 2049 c.c., was not liable, for the unlawful acts committed by its own agent.