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Cesare Lavizzari, Labor, Civil and Corporate lawyer, graduated in 1988 at the University of Milan with prof. Pastori, Holder of the Chair of Roman Law.

Lawyer since 1991 and Barrister who argues in front of the Supreme Court, he has collaborated with attorney Prisco’s law firm for over 10 years focusing on labor and civil law in general.

Nowadays he mainly practices labor law, focusing on cases in the Trading, Large-scale Retail, Tourism, Publishing and Industrial sectors.

A.G.I. Partner

PERSONAL MOTTO: “Altius tendo


Particularly attentive to every aspect that characterizes and distinguishes Sectoral Collective Agreements, he provides daily assistance to the companies of the Firm’s clients.

He has assisted various managers and executives in cases of personnel management, advising the clients on every single step and carefully presenting all the risks and advantages on a timely manner.

He also deals with other matters in the realm of Civil Law and Company Law.

His family background has helped shape his character focusing on strong ethics that impose him to always apply the values of the alpine community, both in his everyday life and in his professional life, with a strong sense of duty and deep respect for institutions.


Particularly active in in the social field, he has been involved in the various activities carried out by the National Alpine Association throughout the country for years. He was a member of the National Executive Council for twelve years and National Vice President in 2009/2010, when the Association got over 9,000 volunteers involved in just under a year to help with the aftermath of the Abruzzo earthquake.

He used to handle all the legal affairs of the Association.

Languages: English



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