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Luca Pedrana graduated in 1988 from the University of Milan with a thesis on the History of Italian Law. A lawyer since 1992, he worked for years with a leading law firm in Milan before founding his own one in Bormio, together with his friend and colleague Massimo Canclini.

He has held numerous public offices in his town of birth (he was vice-mayor, councillor for housing and urban planning, President of Bormio Terme Spa). He is a member of the Bar Association of Sondrio and is a member of the Administrative Chamber of Insubria.

PERSONAL MOTTO: “I don’t give myself up to sleep, I succumb to”.


He has always been active in the field of Administrative Law where he provided various services in the interest of Public Bodies, local and not (Municipalities, Mountain communities, public-private joint ventures) in particular of the Upper Valtellina and the Province of Sondrio.

He has also assisted Hospitals both from an administrative point of view and with regard to disputes concerning medical malpractice.

Lawyer Pedrana stands out for his meticulous approach to the problems that are submitted to him, which he is able to solve thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the subject and constant updating. Over the years he took part in several training and specialization courses, also as a speaker.



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