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Manfredo Lavizzari Founder LavLex Studio Legale Lavizzari

(the founder)

Labor Lawyer Manfredo Lavizzari, son of Colonel Fausto Lavizzari (Commander of the 9th Alpine Regiment, died on the Russian Front in February 1943) graduated at the University of Milan in 1958 with a Law degree.

Raised in a military and mountainous environment, he took ownership of the values that shaped him and applied them to his professional life, imprinting his work approach onto the Firm: full availability to customers, prompt responses, accuracy in the examination of cases and defences.

A.G.I Partner

PERSONAL MOTTO: “Ad impossibilia Manfredo tenetur”
(playful quote by attorney Fulvio Pedrazzini from Sondrio


During his years in university he worked at the Milan Civic Tax Office. Once he graduated as a lawyer, he became a trusted lawyer for the workers’ union of the former Cassa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde.

A pioneer in labor law, he has been the historical partner of attorney Giuseppe Prisco of Milan for over 40 years, taking control of all the labour affairs being dealt with by the Firm.

Throughout his career he has assisted, and is still assisting, important companies, even in matters of personnel management and labour negotiations. He is one of the leading experts in Collective Trade and Tourism Contracts, and he has participated in the drafting of integration contracts on several occasions.

Attorney Manfredo Lavizzari has always assisted insurance companies, as well as large-scale retail and tourism companies, providing constant and updated non-judicial and legal assistance in matters regarding labor law. He’s also a member of FISI’s Justice Committee.



Manfredo Lavizzari

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